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New details have come out about the day that Matthew Dumas was shot to death by police.

Elisha Cumbers, a features writer with the Canwest Times, an affiliate of the Winnipeg Free Press, has been following up our exclusive story "Daddy, They're Beating Him Up"

She spoke with a police officer on the QT. Her source confirmed the gist of our exclusive story, and added some graphic new details.

He told her:
"Police had Dumas in hand and led him to the back lane... Dumas escaped (the) police grip by assaulting the officer. He ran for the back lane, where two officers attempted to subdue him and had him in their hands again, but he again escaped."

As we reported on April 24th, police caught up to Dumas on the stoop of a house on Dufferin Avenue after a brief chase that began when he took off as two officers walked over to talk to a group of youths. The police were looking for suspects in a reported robbery in East Kildonan who were dropped off by taxi in the Dufferin neighbourhood.

We told how the resident of the house saw a police officer take Dumas by the arm and lead him into the lane. The man went into his home and seconds later heard his daughter cry out "Daddy, they're beating him up!". The unidentified police officer fills in the vital interval between when Dumas was led away and when he was seen fighting with police.

Cumbers says she's not going to print with her source's story.

She believes that police were at fault for not handcuffing Dumas after he was lead away from the house. She argues that somehow Dumas was "under arrest" the moment he broke away from the first police officer, demonstrating again why reporters should never pretend to practice law. She doesn't explain how the cops could slip the cuffs on a young man who successfully struggled free from three officers before running off trying to escape.

It looks so easy on CSI New York.

This is the second reporter who has confirmed our findings that Dumas fought off police and took off running in a circle through yards in the neighborhood, with the cops in hot pursuit.

Yet this important detail is omitted from their media outlets while at the same time, both reporters have argued with us that the armed Dumas was not a threat to the cops and that the Winnipeg Police Service is at fault for his death.

Why the public has not been given full information, can only be because the bias of big brother media has become so pervasive in city newsrooms, that those in charge truly believe the public cannot handle the truth and that vital facts must be filtered out of stories.

By not reporting the actions of Dumas on that day, MSM in Winnipeg promotes the notion that a man with a prior criminal record, in breach of probation, suspected in a robbery, who fought off apprehension and escaped, refused to obey commands to drop his weapon and stop, and was still advancing on police despite being pepper-sprayed, somehow - is a victim of trigger happy police.

Race, the age of the suspect, and second guessing the decisions of cops in a life and death confrontation on a North End street, took precedence over reporting the facts. Then the Terry Nelson's of the world cry racism - even when the cop who was forced to shoot the suspect is himself Metis.

If this was a situation like that of Abe Hiebert, who died in an unwarranted police shooting in his own North End home a few years ago, The Black Rod would just as readily make sure the facts that cleared the deceased were front and centre.

The fact is, any suspect who fights cops, brandishes a weapon, is surrounded and refuses commands to surrender, is a victim only of his own decisions.

And the public interest is the victim of the decisions of reporters and their bosses in the selective reporting of this shooting by MSM.
Our email contained a big surprise Monday morning when a Toronto Star columnist, Antonia Zerbisias said she wanted to share our last post, Our Plan To Save the CBC After Klymkiw, with her readership via her blog

As well Kate featured our story on her blog under the heading Race to the Bottom.

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