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Friday, January 27, 2006

All is Well in Local Biker Gang World

Imagine a hastily called summit conference convened to deal with a rogue member who threatens to upset a truce between two natural enemies.

No. We're not talking about Hamas.

And no. We're not talking about the Liberal Party caucus, either.

We're talking Winnipeg, which is not the Centre of the Universe East or the Centre of the Universe West.

The meeting was at an undisclosed location. Present were three Hell's Angels and three Bandidos. Upper echelon. Deadly serious.

In the past year the two gangs have been observing an international ceasefire between their respective organizations, to the benefit of both.

The Bandidos installed themselves in Winnipeg without the expected fireworks. To the relief of their West End neighbours they've eschewed the usual trappings of a clubhouse to stay under the radar.

They've even set up a puppet club of their own. We hear it's called Los Montaneros (pardon us if its misspelled). It sounds cool, though, and leaves the Hell's Angels puppet club, the Zig Zag Crew, sounding kinda fey.

It seems there was an argument in a barroom. (Sigh.) Feelings were hurt. Reputations were at stake.Cooler heads stepped in before things could escalate and called the sit down over that universal peacemaker between men -- beer.

The Hell's Angels, whose man started the ruckus, wanted to make sure everyone knew there wasn't anything official behind it. It was just a case of mistaken identity.

That happens when you keep a low profile; nobody knows who you are. (Believe us, we know.)

The Black Rod has learned that the stakes have risen dramatically with the expansion of Bandidos influence and it may have been in the Hell's Angels best interests to put out the fire quickly.

We're told the Indian Posse and Manitoba Warriors have aligned themselves with the Bandidos. This would leave the Hell's Angels vastly outnumbered if push came to shove.

It may also explain the heavy hardware discovered in a police raid last week. Those automatic weapons scared everyone.

It's to everyone's benefit that rogue elements of one team don't undo the truce. And this rogue, who's been at the centre of many a publicized scrape in the past couple of years, risks becoming a liability to his own side.

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