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Sunday, June 25, 2006

What Krista is doing on her summer vacation

Ongratulationscay, Krista.

Okay, our Gaelic is a little rusty, but the news won't wait.

When CBC television host Krista Erickson told viewers on Friday she was going on summer vacation - oops, "annual Summer leave", she forgot to add she had something more than barbecues and beaches on her to-do list.

Like getting hitched.

A little birdie tells us that Krista's plans include jetting off to Scotland to tie the knot with swain Bob Morrison.

Krista was still a bouncy baby reporter when she met veteran Crown attorney Morrison in Brandon at the the 2003 murder trial of two men who shot RCMP officer Dennis Strongquill.

She was just at the start of her meteoric rise from researcher to host when the still-married Morrison caught her eye and fell under her spell.

Fittingly enough for Winnipeg T.V. royalty, the nuptials will be at swanky Skibo Castle, where Madonna wed her beau, Guy Ritchie.

We can hardly wait to see the pictures of long and lean Bob in his wedding kilt.

Built as a retirement home for steel magnate Andrew Carnegie and his wife, this century old estate about 200 miles north of Glasgow sits on a former Viking settlement. The Ericksons of old, do ya think?

A BBC reporter covering Madonna's wedding called Skibo "the ultimate fairytale castle".

Skibo Castle is the home of The Carnegie Club, a 6-year-old social club whose members enjoy access to some of the world's most luxurious resorts for an annual fee of about $5,000 (U.S. of course).

A bagpiper rouses the guests every morning at 8. And they still follow the tradition started by the Carnegie's that guests dine together each evening, be they kings or commoners, to encourage a spirit of community.

Sadly, once again it appears our invitation was lost in the mail.

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