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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Crow---tastes like chicken

Winnipeg Free Press editor Bob Cox had his fill at supper last night.

For the first course he ate his words.
Then ... he had a dish of crow.

After slagging the work of citizen journalists as "no better than graffitti under a bridge", Cox had the paper scrambling to match our scoop on CBC's new hire, CTV's Janet Stewart.The Free Press said Stewart was unavailable for comment.

But the Winnipeg Sun interviewed her.

And the Sun noted she was planning to stay at CTV local for another couple of weeks until "word got out" of her hiring.

The Sun also got around to the wave of car vandalism outside the Winnipeg Art Gallery last Sunday.

Did you notice that reporter Ross Romaniuk said he knew of it on Tuesday when he spoke with one of the victims? But it obviously didn't become newsworthy until after the Mayor's phones began ringing off the hook when people read about the Colony Avenue crimewave in The Black Rod on Thursday.

It took a lot of prodding and pushing, but we finally uncovered the Manitoba Conservative Party's new youth leader.

Unlike his predecessor, he's not committed to getting the Liberal Party re-elected in Ottawa. And, as far as we know, he isn't planning on leaving the province.

That's his brother.

The new PC Manitoba Youth President is Michael Diamond, a student at the University of Winnipeg.

His brother is Richard Diamond, the president of Young Liberals of Canada, who's studying law at the University of Western Ontario.

Michael Diamond hates turncoats.

Brother Richard Diamond is working for turncoat Tory Scott Brisson to get him elected Liberal leader.

Michael was elected to his post on Saturday, the very day PC leader Hugh McFadyen declared his heartfelt belief that keeping young people in Manitoba is integral to the future of the province (according to the Winnipeg Sun). He replaces Shae Greenfield, who confesses to dual loyalties--- the Tories provincially and the Liberals nationally.

We have to confess we got it wrong when we identified Greenfield as Youth Prez. We foolishly believed what we read on the PC Manitoba website, which had and still has Shae Greenfield listed as PC Manitoba Youth President. Silly us.

We got the part about his planning to get out of Dodge correct though, as he's repeated it to us many times in between insults.

Michael Diamond was a fellow blogger. He wrote The Diamond Room for a year before saying sayonara in May.

He's also a product of the Manitoba education system - just like Shae.

On his blog he said he wanted to see Hugh McFadyen elected "the primer" of Manitoba.
He "ones" got some advice from Liberal MP Rey Pagtakhan.
And he called the far-left bulletin board "comie" central.

Ouch, ouch and ouch.

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