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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Stars predict a winner. Will voters comply?

Let's cut to the chase.

You want to know who's going to win the provincial election.
And we're going to tell you.

The answer is....

...written in the stars.

Gary Doer was born March 31, 1948 which makes him an Aries.
Hugh McFadyen was born May 31, 1967 which makes him a Gemini.

We've examined what four astrologers have to say about the influences on the party leaders during the current month.

* Penny Thornton was Lady Diana's personal astrologer for six years.
* Susan Miller (Astrologyzone) is a world-renowned and accredited astrologer. She writes columns for In Style and has appeared on such shows as 20/20, The Early Show, and The View.
* Neil Giles (Astrology on the Web) is an astrologer whose passion for mythology and the ancient traditions has led him on a journey through Astrology, Tarot, the Runes and the Celtic Ogham Script as a seeker and personal reader. He lives on an island in the South Seas.
* John Hayes is the British Astrological and Psychic Society (BAPS)'s premier Astrologer at the UK's biggest Mind Body Spirit Fairs in Manchester and London each year.

Aries: With ruler Mars hidden away in the zone of mystery and suspense you may have experienced a lack of confidence recently, even become a tad paranoid, but with the arrival of this planet in your sign back comes your va va voom with a vengeance. (Penny Thornton, The Week Ahead)

This accurately describes Gary Doer's sudden reluctance to debate the other party leaders.

The New Moon on May 16 is a turning point for both signs.

Gemini: Once Mars moves into Aries on May 16, it will not be back to shine a spotlight on your career until March 2009. While you have such an extraordinary chance to move up, use it! (Astrologyzone/ Susan Miller)

Aries: Mars zooms into your sign Aries by May 16, and that's when your energy will streak skyward. ..This is a special phase that only comes by for seven weeks every two years, so aim to make your most important initiations during that time (Astrologyzone/ Susan Miller)

There's good news on the horizon for one contender.

Gemini: There's a beneficial shift or revelation around May 20th. (Astrology on the Web/ Neil Giles)

Perhaps a poll that shows the P.C.'s leading or within striking distance?

But there has to be a winner.

Aries: the week of the 21st could bring good news and your efforts stand an excellent chance of success. (Penny Thornton)

Aries: you'll find it far easier to be successful, on just about every front. Suddenly you will find that others are looking to you to lead the way, a position you will relish. (Susan Miller)

Aries: With Mars, your planetary ruler, entering your Sun sign mid-month you'll soon be irrepressible, unstoppable and ready for a challenge again. It's not yet time to hang up your boots. Fortune shines brightly on those born around 6th - 10th April. (John Hayes)

And a loser.

Gemini: The Sun enters your sign on May 21st. Happy birthday, Gemini! Strength and fortune will come from plans already laid, good friends and partners or close associates. It's a learning year. (Susan Miller)

Gemini: Once Mars moves into Aries on May 16, it will not be back to shine a spotlight on your career until March 2009. (John Hayes)

And with loss, often comes recriminations.

Gemini: The opposite of what you expect may prove to be the worthwhile endeavour, idea or connection. There are intense discussions or negotiations from May 27th. There may be a clash of or with authorities. Accident or argument is a risk. (Susan Miller)


Things to remember:

Almost 100,000 fewer people voted in 2003 than voted in 1999.

The Liberal Party had 67,000 less votes in 2003 than in 1995.
The bulk of the voters deserted the party in 1999 and went to the NDP.
Half stayed in 2003, but the other half didn't come back and the Liberals lost another14,000 votes.

The Progressive Conservatives received almost 143,000 votes in 2003, down 76,700 from 1995.
Given the low voter turnout in 2003 (54 percent), it appears their voters stayed home and didn't gravitate to another party.

The NDP can see that if Tory voters come back, and Crocus shareholders decide to punish the party that lost their savings, the NDP are in deep trouble.

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