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Friday, November 09, 2007

Bulletin- Anti-Semitism 101 at Sturgeon Heights Collegiate

The Hate Crimes Unit has been called to the investigate the harassment of Jewish high school students attending the University Fair at Sturgeon Heights Collegiate Thursday.

In a scene straight out of 1964 Mississippi, the Gray Academy visitors ran a gauntlet of coins being thrown at them, on their way to board a bus taking them back to the Asper Campus. The harassment, which started inside the school, didn't stop when they reached the sanctuary of the bus- as the vehicle was rocked and one public school student was seen flipping a switchblade near the tires.

Sturgeon Heights Collegiate is no stranger to the attention of city police, as a 17 year old student identified as a member of a street gang was arrested for brandishing a metal pipe only a week ago, and two students told the Winnipeg Sun, ""There are always cops here, all the time,".

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