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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Is it hot in here? Or is it just me? asks Bob Brennan.

You know the drill....

You try to squeeze in a couple of weeks vacation and when you come back your desk is overflowing with work.

You pick up the top document and ...WHOOOO.


(How do you spell the sound of a whistleblower's whistle?)

The internet is literally buzzing about Brennan.
Bob Brennan.
Manitoba Hydro CEO Bob.

Four sources are saying Big Bob has become the living embodiment of Hydro's 'I'm all right Jack' attitude.

And why, say others, is the news media ignoring the story?

Whistler A said:
"Was talking to a PCL guy last night and supposedly, Bob Brennan, the CEO, has demanded his office be redesigned 6 times, including moving it from the South side to the North side. This has cost about $2 mil."

Whistler B said:
"Absolutely true. His office was in the south side of the building and had a $100,000 roof over it because the 23rd floor is a mechanical room (paranoid of leaks apparently). That wasn't good enough. So now, his floor is on the 22nd, North West corner ... and it's huge."

He later added:
"Looks like some type of white marble is going in as well, packages of it were sitting on the floor."

Whistler C said:
"The white granite is the same that is in other areas of the building (and it) is true that he has switched ends of the building more than once."

Whistler D (who hates The Black Rod) joined in:
"another bob brennan...he is having air conditioning for his floor priced out right now."

Say what ?

The big boss doesn't have faith in the geothermal heat pump system that's supposed to provide 100 percent of the air conditioning to the 23-storey building?

Ohhhh, that's gonna be embarassing.

Maybe that's why some proponents of the building are trying to get ahead of the curve -- by floating the excuse that the runaway costs were due to experimental features never before tried in a building of that size. So, when everything has to be redone at even greater cost, Bob will have a ready-made excuse?

"To keep this whole mess under the carpet is nothing short of jounalistic failure...." wrote one angry commenter.

Let's see what the MSM does with it now...

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