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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Your Sunday Funnies: You say you want a revolution ... well, you know...

The sound of the Children's Revolution falling flat on its face.

Ever since the boisterous rally at the University of Winnipeg in January against the prorogation of Parliament, the protest-boys and -girls have been spinning their wheels trying to find a way to, you know, matter.

First, Winnipeg organizer Chris Burnett quit. You would, too, if you found you had been played for a sucker.

After the posting of a photo of one of the protestors holding a Harper = Hitler sign, a mystery man named Dan stepped forward to say the sign holders were agents provacateurs and he saw and knew the evil Conservative controlling them. The rally goers were giddy at the thought they had the proof to bring down the Conservatives.

Except for the part where Dan disappeared without giving up a name or a photo or anything but the stench of a Liberal plant.

Undaunted, the protestors talked about using Louis Riel Day for an "action." maybe a skate to the Legislature in support of democracy.

Yes, nothing says democracy better than the memory of the insane meglomaniac who took power in an armed revolt during which he murdered his opposition.

Anyway, the plan fizzled because nobody knew how to skate. They discussed adopting a colour; you know like the Orange Revolution in Ukraine. The best suggestion was pink. The idea was dropped.

At their next meeting at Revolution Central (aka Cousins deli) they agreed that on-line petitions, letters to the editor, letters to individual MPs wouldn't have much impact as a group, so scrap that. There were, however, "some wonderful" ideas for t-shirts and coffee mugs which deserved consideration. What's real political dialogue without a t-shirt?

Finally, an unknown poet in Ontario, who brags on his website that he's not a Canadian patriot, built a cheap replica of the Parliamentary Mace and the prorogation protestors seized it as a prop. It was sent across the country to rally the troops against the Conservatives.

It was here on Thursday. Did you know? Did you rally?

Someone took pictures, like the Troll-on-a-holiday thing, and sent them to a website in Ottawa.

Phew, this revolution thing is hard, dude.

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