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Sunday, May 30, 2010

The connection between Justin Bieber and Winnipeg homicide #8

Was murder victim Kyle Earl thinking of punching out Justin Bieber when the teen pop star came to Winnipeg last September?

A friend of his says yes.

Meaningless empty talk? Punk bravado? Or a sign of how deluded gang members have become in Winnipeg, that they see attacking a pop star as their ticket to fame?

The day after 16-year-old Kyle Earl was shot to death while sitting with friends on the steps of West End house, this post appeared on AQ, a forum for World of Warcraft gamers:

this is a very sad day for me, i just wanted to talk a little bit about it to make people aware.
my bestfriend (Kyle Earl) was killed last night, by another gang member. this is very sad because he was my best bud since i was 5. i remember 2 days ago i told him to leave the gang he was in. and he told me he was going to. and he was supposed to sleep over this weekend.
it makes me very sad i lost my bestfriend/ my brother. this made me realize that their really is bad things going on out there and people should be more aware.
and the thing that makes this all worse. they wouldn't let me see him.
and the worst part of all they havent found his killer.

Intrigued, we dug deeper into Perrym69's posts and uncovered this on a different thread:

03-16-2010, 02:25 AM #1
Join Date: Nov 2009
Posts: 544
im just curious, anyone singers actors or such come from your city?
im gonna name two singers that come from mine
Pat -From stereos
Justin Beiber
anyone from your city

When others began making fun of Justin Bieber, Perry69 responded with this:

Winnipeg lol
and yeah hes a fag, i whent to one of the malls in my city then all i see is all these screaming girls crowding him and he was with 2 big guys lol. me and my buddy were like lets go punch that faggot out, let him have a black eye for his next song.
also the gayer thing, he goes to my school

03-16-2010, 02:43 AM #7
FYI, Justin Bieber does NOT live or go to school in Winnipeg, to the best of our knowledge, (although his father lives here). So that part is bogus. But note this added bit of fancy.


yeah dude and my school is pretty ghetto, i mean yeah we have all those classes and shit but people get punched out, i mean he acts all G at my school. he walks around and everyone acts normal around him although he sounds like a total fag.
Yo dont worry my buddy kyle thinks hes all G to but he will fight so ima get him to start shit then ill youtube that shit lol

Friday, Winnipeg police announced an arrest in connection to the murder of Kyle Earl. Not the shooter, but a friend of Kyle's who was sitting with him on the stairs when the fatal shots were fired.

Police said charges had been laid against Marcus Abe PAYASH, 19 years, for "Attempted Murder while Using a Firearm" and Discharging a firearm "with Intent to Wound, Maim, Disfigure", X2.

The allegation is that Payash was the armed suspect who pursued the car carrying the shooter(s) of Kyle Earl and who fired shots that hit two, unrelated cars a couple of blocks away.

While reporting the arrest, local television stations made reference to the 2008 shooting death of 13-year-old Cody Shuya for which a 17-year-old boy with a very, very, very close relationship to Marcus Payash was jailed.

The story, as it was told at the time, was that the pair had broken into a garage on Home Street where they found a loaded pellet rifle. There was, the papers said, "a brief struggle for control of the gun" which ended when the rifle discharged and pellet went through Cody's eye into his brain. He died the next day. The older boy ran off, but surrendered to police almost a week later.

Hmmm. There's an old saying: dead men tell no tales.

So how did anyone know about the, ahem, "struggle" for the rifle? There was only one witness and he was angling for a plea bargain, which he got.

He pleaded guilty to careless use of a firearm---and the initial charge of criminal negligence causing death was stayed.

The teen was a repeat offender. He was a car thief, on probation at the time of the break-in (gee, where have you heard that before), facing assault charges as well. He had gone out to sell crack cocaine the night he stopped at the garage.

He was denied bail because Provincial Court Judge Patti Umperville found he had convictions and charges dating back to 2005 and an "absolute inability to abide by court orders"

Yet, thanks to the plea bargain, and his version of how Cody got shot, he was eventually sentenced to time served---six months.

Cody, at the time of his death,was being pressured to join a street gang, according to unidentified friends quoted by Winnipeg Free Press reporter James Turner.

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