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Monday, June 14, 2010

Krista we hardly knew ye

Breaking news this morning is that one of our readers' favorite subjects is taking a giant lateral step in her meteroic career. After a detour out of Parliament Hill without the rumoured Olympic beat to give her a world platform, The Divine Miss K took a decidedly low profile as the CBC's consumer reporter (yawn).

Not one to accept a stalled future, our Krista Erickson has leaped (lept?) from the CBC to the abyss, or as the eastern press likes to call it "Fox News North", the soon-to-be Quebecor gabfest channel.

Here is the formal au revoir issued this AM:

After over a decade as a reporter and host, Krista Erickson has decided to leave CBC News.

Krista joined CBC in her hometown of Winnipeg in 1999 and worked on a variety of programs including Disclosure, Country Canada, and It’s a Living. She became a reporter in Winnipeg in 2001, again contributing to many programs including The National and Marketplace, and receiving a Gemini nomination for Best Lifestyle/Practical Information segment.

In 2004 Krista became the host of Winnipeg’s supper hours news program.

In 2006 she moved to Ottawa and became a network reporter in our Parliament Hill Bureau, covering politics for The National and

Please join me in wishing Krista well.

Jonathan Whitten
Executive Director of News Content

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