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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The University of Manitoba's library boondoggle


This just in from the Department of Your Tax Dollars At Work...

Hot on the heels of the head chopping at Red River College over the turmoil caused by delays in the Union Bank renos (* see link below), comes this tidbit about another institute of higher l'arning.

It seems the University of Manitoba is doing some deep thinking about a little reno of their own. Or is that a re-reno?

The University had been routinely filling up a newly-built storage annex behind the Dafoe Library when they noticed a little problem---they had so much stuff the floor was at risk of collapsing from the weight.

The annex, built at a cost of $3.3 million, is a warehouse-like building that stores journals and books that aren't used much during the year. But obviously it isn't light reading.

A little birdie tells us somebody goofed on the metric/imperial and weight calculations. So guess what? They're moving everything out so a new bunch of workmen can come in and reinforce the building to keep it from coming down on the heads of the hardworking librarians.

The estimated cost: $300,000.

Here's the description of the work involved:

Storage Annex Renovations. Work under this contract covers: 1- Dismantling of mobile shelving system and storage. 2- Removal of existing lighting, ductwork, piping and associated services 3- Removal of existing Storage Room 019. 4- Installation of new steel beams and fireproofing of new steel structure. 5- Re-installation of lighting, ductwork, piping and all associated removed services and mobile shelving system. 6- Re-construction of Storage Room 019.

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