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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hidden Winnipeg Blue Bombers stadium cost overruns. How Much?

Do you smell another city audit coming?

This bombshell has been ticking away on the Internet for more than a week.

Jul 4, 2013, 3:56 AM
wait until the final cost overruns become public....yowza....upwards of 20%....still dealing with screw ups like having to go back and insulate a two season mechanical system.

We're not going to identify the source other than to say its A Person In A Position To Know.

The official price of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers stadium is $190 million. Add a 20 percent cost overrun ($38 million) and you have a stadium that's costing almost DOUBLE what was originally proposed to city taxpayers.

But, but, but...wasn't the stadium built at a fixed price, with all overruns the responsibility of the contractor? 
Phil Sheegl, chairman of BBB Stadium Inc. (Blue Bombers-Bisons), the entity that built the stadium, says so.

But The Person In A Position To Know says not. 

...not a guaranteed price contract....they have already been paid the overruns.

Uh, oh. Who are you going to believe? Sheegl, who is already up to his eyebrows in the city audit of four firehalls built by the Mayor's business partner under a secret, eyes-only contract that was hidden from city council but which Sheegl says was a-okay with him?  Or A Person In A Position To Know who has no dog in the fight?

Gee, it kind of takes you back to 2010 when The Black Rod broke the story that the $115 million stadium was actually going to cost as much as $190 million.

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