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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Oops. MSM attack on Gord Steeves backfires.

Gord Steeves has suddenly been propelled into being the frontrunner in Winnipeg's mayoral race.
And it's not for something he said or did. He can thank his wife for the push.

What? What are you talking about? The MSM says his campaign is finished because of a four-year-old Facebook post by his wife complaining about being harrassed by "drunk native guys."



And that means that finally somebody is talking about something that people care about. Like WHY DOWNTOWN WINNIPEG IS SUCH A SHITHOLE.

Steeves' support is solidified by the trumped-up attack on him, and voters who haven't paid much, if any, attention to the campaign for mayor now know his name.  And they also know he's the only candidate they've heard saying what they want to hear -- clean up downtown.

He's not jabbering about some abstract "vision" of some future city in some non-existent dreamland.  He's talking about this city, here, now. 

Gee, that's BOLD. 

And voters, especially women, are listening to the guy with the concrete ideas for making this city safer.  The critics who want to turn downtown Winnipeg over to the derelicts that harass people day and night have only greased Steeves' way to the front of the pack.

Harassed by drunk native guys? Hell, is there anyone who works downtown or, God forbid, has to go there for a medical appointment, business meeting, Jets game, pick-up, who hasn't been harassed by panhandlers?  And the typical panhandler is -- wait for it --- aboriginal in appearance. Ask anyone who waits for a bus on Graham Avenue how often they're approached.  Then ask them how many times they've witnessed fights on the street between--wait for it--- drunk native guys. And gals, those flowers of native femininity. 

Everybody who works for CTV knows the truth. 

Everybody who works at CBC, and doesn't run home to the suburbs immediately after work, knows the truth.

Everybody who works at MTS Centre knows the truth. 

Everybody who works at Manitoba Hydro knows the truth.

Everybody who works at Air Canada knows the truth. 

The Downtown Winnipeg BIZ annual report for 2012 talked about the assignment of  "10 permanent WPS Cadets means sustained delivery of downtown safety services, related to assisting intoxicated people".  Gee, who could they be talking about?

It doesn't matter how much the Indian Victim industry or the leftwing news media tries to rewrite reality. Thousands of people know who is telling the truth in this faux scandal.

Of course the howling mob doesn't worry about truth.  No, the mob is trying to imply that Steeves' wife, and everybody who agrees with her, are calling all Indians drunks.  That, simply, is a lie.
On any day there are plenty of Indians at the Millenium Library in the heart of downtown.  What are they doing?  Reading newspapers and magazines.  
Nobody calls them drunk Indians.

The food court at Portage Place is full of Indian patrons. What are they doing?  Eating, laughing, socializing.  
Nobody calls them drunk Indians (except for those who are.)

The news media discovered through the various methods of instant feedback (Twitter, Internet comments, Facebook) that there was little sympathy for the drunk native guys in the story. 
CBC, for example, had 311 comments on their Steeves story,  ten-to-one in his favour, before they closed off comments.

So when the critics found they couldn't garner support for drunk harassers of women, the criticism morphed over the weekend -- into identifying the harassers as "homeless". Oh, boo hoo hoo.

Well, these derelicts ARE NOT ALL HOMELESS. We know some come from some Indian reserves.  That means they have homes, just not in Winnipeg.  The respective Indian reserves are their homes.

If you showed up in Berlin tomorrow, would you be homeless?  Or Paris?  Doesn't everyone want to spend a couple of years in Paris?  If you showed up in Paris and declared you had no job, knew nobody with a couch to spare, you didn't speak French and you had no job skills.  But you wanted a furnished apartment---because, of course, you were homeless.  Oh, and toss in a monthly allowance to let you, er, socialize in the manner you've become accustomed to.  How far do you think you would get with the Parisian authorities?

The media frenzy over the "drunk native guys" comment has to be compared with the media's blanket defence of Eric Robinson's racist attitude towards white people that was revealed one year ago this month.

Robinson sent an email, then tried to hide its existence, in which he declared his contempt for "white" do-gooders.  When caught, he declared he had a right to be racist because he was an Indian and whites had mistreated him.

The same news outlets that now falsely accuse Steeves' wife of making a racist comment, defended Robinson back then, making excuses for his racism, trying to explain that attacking whites for the colour of their skin wasn't racist, redefining racism to exclude discriminating against white people.

Prominent among Steeves' attackers is Wab Kinew, the former CBC reporter who now calls himelf a hip-hop artist. Kinew was also prominent among the defenders of Robinson's racism, only he didn't call for Robinson's resignation, the way he called for Steeves to drop out of the race for mayor. 

See, for example, Kinew's music career highlight---'Good Boy', his paean to Matthew Dumas, the doped-up Indian teen who was shot to death in 2005 as he advanced on a police officer while armed with a screwdriver. 

Dumas attracted police attention when he bolted after seeing officers, who were looking for suspects in a robbery. Chased down, Dumas, who was wanted on a warrant although the police chasing him didn't know that, punched an officer and took off again. He pulled out a screwdriver, shook off blasts of pepper spray, and refused to drop his weapon as he closed the distance on a policeman.

Except that's not the way the former CBC reporter Kinew saw it.  Dumas "took the wrong way home", rapped Wab, and was shot because of his "criminal appearance, aboriginal appearance."  Poor boy was shot because of "how Canada's configured", said Kinew.

"There's a cop chopper in the sky should we run for our lives?" rapped the native drama queen.

Well, not if you're not trying to kill a cop, Wab.

But somebody call the infectious disease police. That great red hunter of racists, Wab, and the rest of the mob out to smear Gord Steeves need to be quarantined; they suffer from SRS---Selective Racism Syndrome.

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