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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights. Facts the MSM won't tell you.

The CMHR hasn't filed any financial reports for the past nine months. What are they hiding?
The last advance from the federal government was turned over in December. They were supposed to be collecting IOU's from donors throughout the year to keep in the black. 

Was there a problem with the collections? Is that why the museum is still not ready to open?
They made a big stink about holding the opening ceremonies the day before the museum's announced opening date.  But when that date (Sept. 20) came around, they were nowhere near ready for visitors.  Only 4 of 11 galleries were open to ticket holders, 9000 of whom were allowed in for free because the museum couldn't charge admission to less than half the exhibits.
Even then, the 4 open galleries were still unfinished.  Watching a CBC cameraman zoom in on a plywood board screwed to a wall, with the reporter asking a museum flak what was supposed to go there, was priceless.
The federal government is on the hook for at least $160 million for the CMHR, although they will claim their contribution is only $100 million. The federal and provincial government lost another $67 million in taxes because the Friends of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights is a registered charity and gives out tax receipts.
H/T to Dave Christianson, financial columnist for the Winnipeg Free Press who wrote this about the museum:
"And, since my newspaper contract requires it, let me tell you of the great tax benefits available to you by donating money or appreciated shares. Every $1,000 donated to a registered charity will generally save you $450 of federal and provincial tax. (The credit on the first $200 donated each year attracts a smaller credit, so combine all of the family donations onto one tax return.)"
The Harper government quietly forked over $10 million in 2011 because the museum was almost out of money for construction.  The money was supposed to be for annual operating funds, but the museum didn't need it for that purpose and got the okay to divert the money to capital costs. 

That's $10 million that won't be repaid.
The feds handed over another $50 million in 2012 when the museum was flat broke and facing disaster. The money is officially "an advance" to be "repaid" starting in 2016 from reduced operating funding. 

Yeah, like the CMHR will ever raise $50 million from admission fees and t-shirt sales.
Maybe that's why the federal government is refusing to pay the equivalent in city taxes. The bill has grown to about $8 million over the past two years, equivalent to a two percent cut in your property tax

CMHR president and CEO Stu Murray used to claim the museum would pay its tax bill. Reporters from the MSM don't ask him anymore.

It's a good thing, because he has no idea where he would find the money.

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