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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Et tu, Wab?

Fresh off his 'Homos, Ho's, 'n Bitches' Apology Tour, ex-rapper Wab Kinew is about to break in a new act --- pulling his knife out of Greg Selinger's back, with a smile.

Selinger is just over a month away from going down in history as the man who took Manitoba's New Democratic Party over the cliff with him to humiliating defeat because of his conceit and hubris.  The beginning of their mutual end is universally traced to Selinger's decision to raise the provincial sales tax one point to 8 percent from 7 percent in 2013.

Among the masses throwing brickbats at Selinger back then was one Wab Kinew -- an employee of  the University of Winnipeg with a degree in economics -- who took to Twitter to express his  opposition to the NDP's surprise tax hike.

How does raising the Pst help grow the economy? How is a tax which takes a proportionally bigger slice of poorer peoples' incomes fair?


That was before Selinger hand-picked him to be the party's star candidate in the 2016 provincial election. But Kinew's shine was tarnished almost from the start once people learned of his penchant for rapping songs that degraded women and his Tweets which included body shaming jokes at girls and slurs at gays.

Okay, you've got me,  but I've changed, he'd boast (with a smirk on his face). I know the error of my ways.  
I'm Feminist Wab now and I'm really really sorry for what I said when I was Hiphop Wab

NDP leader Greg Selinger would nod sagely at his boy.
But will voters be as forgiving for Econo Wab, whose political flip-flops just keep on coming. 

The PST? 
He was against it -- before he was for it.

Greg Selinger? 
Loves him.  

Those poor people hurt by the PST?  

The higher sales tax has taken $5000 away from the average Manitoba household so far, a factoid determined to be True by Global News factcheckers.  

The damage to the poorest Manitobans is proportionally worsesomething even Econo Wab knew in 2013.

Will the new Wab Kinew go on the road for Apology Tour II? Tickets at NDP constituency offices, PST added for your own good.

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