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Thursday, October 06, 2005

BBC admits news game has changed, will CBC be next?

The Black Rod
Just a short post today - we thought this item from the wire services would interest our readers and didn't want it to slip by:

Media executives ponder role of user-generated news
Oct. 05, 2005 AP

The avalanche of high quality video, photos and e-mailed news material from citizens following the July 7 bombings in London marked a turning point for the British Broadcasting Corporation, the head of its global news division said Wednesday.

Richard Sambrook, director of the BBC World Service and Global News Division, told a conference the broadcaster's prominent use of video and other material contributed by ordinary citizens signaled that the BBC was evolving from being a broadcaster to a facilitator of news.``We don't own the news any more,'' Sambrook said. ``This is a fundamental realignment of the relationship between large media companies and the public.''

Sambrook likened the increasing use of user-generated news material to a sports game in which the crowd was not only invading the field but also seeking to participate in the game, fundamentally changing the sport.

Sambrook was speaking on a panel with other media professionals at a conference on ``citizen journalism'' organized by The Media Center, a media think tank based in Reston, Va., and hosted by The Associated Press at its headquarters building in New York
So the BBC has come to conclude their future is exactly what we wrote 6 weeks ago, about where the CBC had to head -

With Slavko Klymkiw now gone to train movie-makers, the new visionaries at the now-unlocked CBC have to prove pretty quickly they can convince Canadians to feel their programming is relevant, or they may be the last visionaries the CBC as we know it will ever see. (Does Rabinovitch have Sambrook's number?)

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