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Monday, October 17, 2005

Move over Bears on Broadway, here comes Brad Pitt

Pull out your hankies - there will be lots of weeping when the Brad Pitt production The Assassination of Jesse James, comes to film in Winnipeg next week.

One of the scenes is going to be a funeral procession replete with wagons and horses, taking the body
of the outlaw to the undertakers. Interior scenes were shot in Edmonton last month but the Brad Pitt in the casket was not real, only a very lifelike prop. Maybe he'll choose to go for the ride in Winnipeg.

It is common knowledge among those in the loop that historic sites such as the Pantages and Burton Cummings theatres will be used as locations for scenes set in an opera house.

However we have learned that the action will head out of the Exchange District (and the 5 day street closures that will accompany the shoot) for a more uptown locale.

Move over, Bears on Broadway, here comes Hollywood.

Producers reportedly fell in love with the period architecture of the Old Law Courts building which may be used for the recreation of the inquest into the murder. The filming will also move directly across the street under the dome to the Manitoba legislature, where up to now the most famous Golden Boy has been on the roof, and not before the cameras in the foyer.
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