A new year brings proof that the lunatics have taken over the asylum.

There was this story in the Winnipeg Free Press:

Mould in school keeping First Nation's kids out
By: Larry Kusch Winnipeg Free Press
Posted: 4/01/2011 1:00 AM |

THEIR school contaminated by mould, the 400 elementary school kids at Bunibonibee Cree Nation at Oxford House have not attended regular classes for most of the past 12 months.
The Oxford House Elementary School was shut down in mid-January 2010 after teachers and students complained of nausea and headaches. It has yet to reopen, although an official with Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) said in a recent interview repairs may be completed by the end of February this year.

The school is all of 35 years old and they want it replaced. Indian Affairs says they'll give the reserve $1 million "above normal maintenance spending" to fix the mould problem.

On the same day....

$10 million to spend on memorials for residential schools students

By: Staff Writer
Posted: 4/01/2011 8:56 PM |

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission is asking for help commemorating the legacy of Indian residential schools.

The Winnipeg-based TRC has $10 million to spend on memorials or events honouring residential school students, and it’s asking artists, churches, aboriginal groups and anyone else to submit project proposals before March 18.

The federal government’s settlement with residential school students included $20 million for memorials, commemorative events or artistic endeavors. That could be anything from movies to community banquets to traditional plaques or monuments at the site of a former school. The TRC is looking to spend the first half of the money this year and in 2012.

So the children on one Manitoba reserve haven't gone to school for a year because there's no money to fix the mould-ridden school, and the Winnipeg-based TRC has $10 million it doesn't know what to do with. What a dilemma.

Any ideas, anyone?

What it also goes to show is that Ottawa has far too much money.

Keep that in mind when federal politicians come knocking prior to the next election and start whining about the deficit and how hard it is to balance the budget.

And speaking of too much money....

Six elementary schools in Winnipeg School Division are teaching students Ojibwa an hour each day for at least part of the school year.

We're spending money teaching a dead language....why?

Because the kids are so advanced in their reading and writing and basic math skills that they're bored?

Or because Winnipeg 1 has so much money it doesn't know what to do with it, either?

Don't they spend millions each year teaching kids to learn English as a second language?

Now they're teaching kids who know English some other language that's perfectly useless in finding a job when they grow up.

Keep that in mind when the school trustees raise your taxes and whine about how hard it is to balance their budgets.

And who is trying to balance her budget with the fruits of child labour?

If you guessed Gail Asper you get a gold star.

A teacher at Selkirk Junior High is teaching 50 students how to build electric guitars.

"On any given lunch hour, from 15 to 20 kids will be in the shop working on their guitars. Students ages 12 to 14 put in time before school, after school, and through lunch hours. One student built five guitars last year." writes "staff writer."

The kids then hustle to get celebrities to autograph their guitars.

"At a gala dinner on May 26, 2011, the kids will auction off up to 30 of their guitars to raise money for the Canadian Museum for Human Rights."

When you're at least $25 million in the hole and you've run out of millionaires to tap, you have to resort to taking money from children, right?

You do if you haven't got a sugardaddy like Greg Selinger in the wings.

Unelected Premier Selinger was coy when asked if he'll bail Gail Asper like he bailed out her brother on the new stadium fiasco.

He's hoping againt hope that nobody asks him where he's going to get $190 million for the new stadium. Or where he's hiding it in the budget.

The NDP released figures in mid-December claiming that if nothing changed much the government would run a deficit of $458 million this fiscal year, $40 million less than projected in the March 2010 budget.

Except that nobody ever discovered where in that budget the NDP had hidden the $115 million it expected to borrow to cover Asper's stadium plan. Nor have they ever explained where the extra $75 million they now need will be accounted for.

Remember that when provincial politicians come knocking during the fall election campaign, whining about how hard it is to balance the provincial budget.

In the meantime, give a listen: