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The CMHR stirs up hatred and divisiveness. And it's not even open.

The two groups that thought they had control over the content within the Canadian Museum for Human Rights have been shocked to learn that they don't. 

One is fighting mad and the other is scared and confused on how to respond.

You've heard how one arm of Manitoba's Indian Chiefs insists that the CMHR label Canada's treatment of its aboriginal people as "genocide."  You  haven't heard how a segment of Winnipeg's Jewish community is shaken by concerns that the Palestinian viewpoint of Israel's creation will be allowed to be advanced within the museum.

The divisiveness and hatred the CMHR will stir up was evident when the first reports reached the public Monday of a letter sent to Stu Murray, CEO of the human rights museum, by perennial protester Grand Chief Murray Clearsky, of the Southern Chiefs Organization.

The mainstream media has given you a sanitized synopsis of the letter. You've got to read the original to see how insane it is. 

Here's a bit of what the MSM leaves out of its reports:

"The recent exposure of Canada using First Nations men, women and children as guinea pigs in nutritional experiments and for Tuberculosis vaccines in the 1930’s and 1940’s is reminiscent of the experiments conducted by Josef Mengele during World War Two on the Jewish population in Europe especially twin children. It has now been exposed that while thousands of First Nation men were overseas in Europe fighting the Nazis and the attempted imposition of a superior white race, Canada was quietly and simultaneously conducting similar inhumane experiments on the families, relatives and community members of the very soldiers who were putting their lives on the line for Canada."

"Many of the First Nations men, women and children who were test subjects in these atrocious nutrition and TB vaccine experiments were left forever scarred by the trauma and effects of drug testing and many were left with little hope of acknowledgement, remorse or legal recourse from the atrocities perpetrated by Canada."

Got that?  Trying to determine if vitamins could be used to improve the health of undernourished children on Indian reserves, and saving the lives of Indian school children by finding a vaccine for tuberculosis is, in Clearsky's deluded mind, no different than Josef Mengele's work at Auschwitz.
The Jews of Europe should only have been so lucky.

This pathetic attempt to conflate the Nazi program to exterminate anyone with Jewish blood with Canada's stabs at fighting a deadly disease and boosting the health of children is obscene.  There's no other word to describe it.

"It is now abundantly clear that Canada again is choosing to sanitize the true truth ..." blathered Clearsky.  Want more of his true truth?

It seems that genocide "is currently being perpetrated on First Nations through various means."

Canada, he bloviates, "has now incorporated the passive genocidal agenda through the systemic racism imposed through the Apartheidal Indian Act."

Genocide "is currently happening in Canada", he concluded, in case you missed it the first time.

For good measure, a companion letter was sent to the "UN Rapporteur for Indigenous James Anaya".
( Hey, we just report 'em as we see 'em.) It was signed by Gerald McIvor, who, apparently, is a "political assistant" with SCO.

It states:

"Please find attached a letter from Southern Grand Chief Murray Clearsky to Stuart Murray who is CEO of the Canadian Human Rights Museum in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada."

"Canada refuses to admit that they have been attempting genocide on the Original Peoples of the land known as Canada since confederation."
"They refuse to acknowledge this and their denial is contrary to the formal apology that Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper made in 2008."

"I trust you will keep this concern in consideration when you do come to Canada to meet with First Nations leaders to investigate the ongoing passive genocide which is being perpetrated upon us as a race of people who are incidentally the true owners of this land. It would be of great importance for Grand Chief Clearsky to meet with you while you are in Canada in the near future. Please let me know if you can meet with him while you are in Canada."

Yep, those Nazi's only engaged in genocide for three years, but Canada has been at it for 146 years and counting.  We're no quitters.

There you have it.  The Southern Indian Chiefs insists that the $21 million the federal government gives the CMHR each year be used to promote the idea around the world that Canada is equivalent to Nazi Germany.
One aboriginal even knows who to blame if that won't happen. Blame the Jews.

Don Marks, editor of Grassroots News, which describes itself as Manitoba's aboriginal newspaper, posted this comment to the Winnipeg Free Press:

don marks
10:50 AM on 7/26/2013
the canadian federal government does not want to use the word 'genocide' because it is the perpetrator here and increases its 'liability' etc.. but the cmhr uses that as an excuse to fall into their hidden agenda of 'comparing' atrocities and making sure the jewish holocaudt (sic)c omes out 'on top'. if you can reject 'genocide for first nations, you reject it for jews. were the experiments of mengele worse than passing out smallpox blankets? was there a worse mass execution than the incident at ulm? i am a sympathizer with israel but the jews are wrong here. the tratment (sic) of first nations in canada was genocide.

The 'blame the Jews' cry will come as no surprise to a segment of the Winnipeg Jewish community which has been keeping an eagle eye on how the CMHR intends to treat the Holocaust.

The first shock came in April when the museum's "head of stakeholder relations" revealed that the museum was rejecting one of the Jewish community's bedrock beliefs about the Holocaust.

We summarized the decision:

"Experts hired by the museum say that claims that the Holocaust was the cause of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights are exaggerated and unsupported, so the CMHR has eliminated any allegation that one was the cause of the other."

This led to follow-up questions for the CMHR, and their answers---reported first in the online Winnipeg Jewish Review---were anything but comforting. For example...

"How will the need for refuge during and after the Shoah, and the necessity to re-establish a Jewish homeland, be conveyed to the Canadian public in the Holocaust gallery?"

The CMHR will not "include material on the establishment of the State of Israel in the Holocaust gallery". 
Jewish proponents of the CMHR know that the state of Israel-Arab relations will be a flashpoint at the museum, starting with the very foundation of Israel.

Unease only increased in June when news came out of Israel that Palestinians intended to build a museum of their own where their side of the conflict will be told.

Ramallah - From a building overlooking a small garden in this West Bank city, employees are working on the Palestinian Museum -- the first large-scale contemporary Palestinian museum. The cornerstone is finally being laid, some 15-years after the project was first proposed.
The original idea came from the 50th anniversary of what Palestinians call “Nakba” -- the Disaster -- the phrase that refers to the birth of the modern state of Israel in 1948, and the displacement of some 700,000 Palestinians.
“Initially, everyone wanted to make this museum in Jerusalem but we knew that the Israelis would make this impossible,” Omar Kattan, head of Palestinian Museum's work team, told The Media Line. “After things became possible again in terms of the political situation, we re-opened this file and commissioned the study and developed a framework to do it.”
“We came up with a unique concept that is basically a museum without a collection, and a museum that is based on a network rather than a building,” Kattan said.
“The idea [evolved] from the “Memory Museum of the Nakba” to a museum that will use the tools of history to come out with a modern dialogue,” Jack Persekian, the director and curator of the Palestinian Museum told The Media Line. “We’re moving forward from representing an incident that happened in a certain time to representing the Palestinians wherever they are.”

This prompted editor Rhonda Spivak to write:

"... at some point the CMHR is going to put on an exhibit or exhibits (temporary) relating to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and chances are that we will be able to get a pretty good idea of the types of things that Palestinians will want to have appear in the CMHR about their lives by looking at the types of exhibits they intend to display in their museum."
"In an article about the Palestinian Museum done by the Media Line, the following is a description given as to the nature of the exhibits:
"The exhibits will include some of the Palestinian nationalistic symbols such as keys that symbolize homes that Israel destroyed or from which Arab families fled. Keys and title deeds are meant to refer to the displacement of people and the right of return claimed by Palestinians. Visual and written material, including photos and other forms of art, will offer a variety of Palestinian stories the curators say will be relevant to Palestinians all over the world."
Note that the above description refers to the" right of return claimed by Palestinians" and "the keys to homes that Israel destroyed." This means that what will be at issue in the Palestinian Museum is the birth of the very existence of the State of Israel. When Palestinians say the "right of return" they are claiming the right to return en masse to pre-67 Israel , and not about returning to a future Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza as part of a two state solution."

There was a time when the Jewish community felt confident it could control the debate over Israeli/Palestinian history.

As late as two years ago, the CMHR mysteriously found itself incommunicado to Palestinian representatives who tried to discuss how their story would be told. Hmmm.

Nobody could explain how 10 tries to reach somebody went unanswered.  Maybe it was that pesky spam filter, eh?  And when somebody did get through, they were told a museum rep would get back to them. Someone did---two years later.  Nope, nothing suspicious there.

But now that the Asper family and their minions have had the reins of the museum taken away, the fact that the Palestinian voice may be heard within the human rights museum walls is causing consternation.

Nobody, though, should be more agitated that Heritage Minister James Moore.

Was it only one year ago, less one month, that he was in town to put out the fire over the determination that the Holocaust be given special treatment in the museum?

He spoke at the Winnipeg Free Press News Cafe---before an audience of 16 people. 

Only The Black Rod reported on what he said.

Moore said he told museum CEO Stuart Murray "many times" that:
"this museum is NOT going to be --- CANNOT be --- a source of division in this country. Because taxpayers are not going to pump in $21 million per year to operate this museum if they see it as a perpetual source of division for the people of Winnipeg, the people of Manitoba and the people of Canada."

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