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The Winnipeg news media loses the Fort Whyte by-election; Big stories missed by bias

  Oh the tears and lamentations .... Not at the headquarters of the also-rans in the Fort Whyte by-election, but in the offices of the media pundits who were joyously anticipating a humiliating loss for the Conservatives. Their pre-vote month-long campaign of villification of Conservative Party leader Heather Stefanson had bombed. Big time. On election night she was the one popping champagne as her press attackers were choking on bitter ashes. The Winnipeg Free Press was sitting on a Probe "survey" predicting the Conservatives were doomed in the next general election. It was to run on the front page of the Saturday newspaper to rub the loss in Stefanson's face--- until the Fort Whyte by-election shattered Probe's crystal ball. The Probe survey story by fake news specialist Carol Sanders was shunted to Page 3 and replaced by a front page story on a 1981 high school basketball team. The "experts" had to scramble to fund a new narrative. CBC's Bar
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Unreported news: Anti-mandate student roughed up by police; student protesters forced outside without jackets by school principal

  While Winnipeg Free Press reporters churned out fake news stories, real news broke out in southern Manitoba and went unreported. Hundreds of high school students protesting Covid vaccine mandates rallied in Steinbach last week, but it was the shocking aftermath that big city Winnipeg journalists have studiously refused to report on. When one of the protesters, a 15-year-old boy, tried to enter Steinbach Regional Secondary School to get his belongings after school authorities elected to send all students home, he was met at the door by at least three police officers, who pushed him out. When he explained he wanted his books, the 300-pound Chief of the Steinbach police detachment grabbed the gangly boy by the jacket and rammed him against a school wall. It was all caught on video which quickly made its way onto social media.  The (maskless) policeman mumbled that he (the student) could be charged with assault. When observing students shouted that what the police chief had done was assa

Oh Canada: Welcome to world's newest police state

  And just like that , "Blackface" Justin Trudeau, following in his father's footsteps, has turned Canada into a police state. Remember how two years ago we were "all in this together"? Nurses were heroes. Truckers were heroes (Trudeau said so).  Personal care home workers were heroes. Two years later, nurses are being fired. Care home workers are being fired. Truckers demonstrating for the right to work are arrested and demonized. Snipers are stationed on the rooftops in Ottawa ready to kill protestors. Police are roughing up anti-mandate teenagers in Steinbach with impunity while the "news" media turns a blind eye. During Black History Month politicians and pundits are extolling segregation. Trudeau has seized absolute power in Canada as the Opposition parties sit silent. Under the Emergencies Act  Trudeau can prohibit travel to or from anywhere in the country; he can seize your bank account without notice, he can even assume control of all public ut

Winnipeg Free Press Fake News Reporter Carol Sanders BUSTED

  There is an editor in chief of daily news for CBC News. He is Brodie Fenlon, and he has a blog. Lately he has been whining about the lack of trust from the public in mainstream news outlets. Recently he lamented about the findings of the 2022 Edelman Trust Barometer, an annual study of opinion regarding trust in business, government, media and NGOs. The Edelman report found that 49 percent of Canadians agreed "that journalists and reporters are purposely trying to mislead people by saying things they know are false or gross exaggerations." And 52 percent agreed that "most news organizations are more concerned with supporting an ideology or political position that with informing the public." WHYYYYYYYYYYY????  he blubbered. Well, Mr. Fenlon, meet Carol Sanders. On Tuesday Sanders was responsible for  the most shameful example of "new journalism" you could ask for . She generated a story smearing the Freedom Mandate protestors at the Legislature without re

RCMP used mysterious "innovative investigation" in death of violent inmate to charge jail guard

  For years the so-called leaders of Manitoba's aboriginals have tried to anoint some doped-up, blind-drunk, gang-allied or suicidal member of Reserve X, Y or Z as a champion for getting killed while confronting police. Chief This, Grand Chief That and Superchief Whatsis could always be counted on to declare shrilly that the police had murdered the newly deceased, who, of course, was blameless, pure, and would be greatly missed because he always made people laugh. It was, they would say, proof of how The Man is prejudiced against the irreproachable aboriginals who-- allegedly-- try to shoot, stab, drive into or drive over police officers. But year-after-year the anti-police hate campaign failed to gain traction once the facts of each case proved that the police officers acted properly under the circumstances. So you can imagine how giddy the aboriginal leaders must have been last week when the RCMP announced that a guard at Headingley Jail had been charged following the dea

On the fence about vaccinations?

At the beginning of last December, the government announced it would start administering vaccines to stop the Covid-19 pandemic. Vaccine Bulletin, Dec.9,2020 Manitobans would receive one of three expedited vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, Astrazeneca) that had been given provisional approval on an interim basis, two of which worked best for some age groups and not others. Vaccines were the answer, we were told. If enough people got vaccinated, the lockdowns, face masks, social distancing, and travel restrictions could be eliminated and society could get back to normal. The goal to reach herd immunity was as low as 40 percent of the population vaccinated by some estimates, but more often cited as 70 percent. "Trust the science," they said. ***************** "Screw the science," was the message delivered in early March , three months later, by National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) and here by Ma

Exposing the police-bashing Fake News expose in the Wpg. Free Press

There's a new challenger in town for the title of Fake News Champion. Stand aside Dan Lett, columnist for the Winnipeg Free Press and current holder of the belt. Your new competition is your colleague, Ryan Thorpe, who's been described by his alma mater as an  "investigative reporter who covers crime for the daily newspaper." This past Saturday Thorpe was responsible for a three-page spread headlined "SAFETY FIRST, everything else last." The thrust of the article is that the budget for policing (and the fire department and paramedics, but mainly the police) takes such a big bite (nearly half) out of the budget there's hardly anything left for other services. This Saturday he had a follow-up story arguing that Winnipeg spends too much money on police salaries when only 34 percent of reported crimes are cleared. To bolster his argument, Thorpe's both stories cited the work of Kevin Walby, "a criminologist and associate professor at the University