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In the Olympics of Guilt and Recrimination, we have a winner

The 2014 Winter Olympics have ended and Canadians are still on a high. We trounced the Americans in hockey (always a good thing) and our women's curling team set an Olympic record that can never be beaten (all wins, no losses). All in all, we're betting Canadians will say they got their money's worth at these Olys. How much money?  The federal government kicks in $22 million a year towards winter sports. (Another $34 million goes to summer sports and $6 million to team sports.) Canada sent 221 athetes to Sochi: 27 speed skaters, 25 men’s hockey players, 24 snowboarders, 21 women’s hockey players, 20 freestyle ski jumpers, 17 figure skaters, 16 bobsledders, 15 alpine skiers, 13 cross-country skiers, 10 curlers, eight lugers, eight biathletes, seven ski jumpers, six ski cross competitors and four skeleton racers. They did us proud, each and every one of them, and that includes the coaches and parents of the athletes. But while rooting throug