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"Burn The Witch!" - Not Salem, 1692. St. Boniface, today.

  Last week the modern-day witch hunters took up    their pitchforks, their torches, their puritan capes and their Woke bibles and dashed to save the world from the devil in their midst. The Witchfinder General, Sandy Nemeth, the chairwoman of the ultra-woke Louis Riel School Board trustees, announced proudly that trustee Francine Champagne had been suspended for three months, the most serious punishment the board could impose. Her crime?    Did she cast spells? Did she own a black cat? Did she dance at the crossroads with Beelzebub at midnight? No. She posted on Facebook. Those posts allegedly, as CTV news quoted Nemeth,    had "a strong transphobic sentiment" and were disrespectful of the LGBTQ2S+ community. Trustee Ryan Palmquist was more specific on CBC. "... those gay kids and transgender kids and their families and the whole community that are the ones who are at risk. They're the ones who are potentially subject to bullying, potentially subject to violence.&qu