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Frank Ostrowski. From Sinner to Saint. Or, What they're not telling you.

Here we go again. - Another convicted murderer to be lionized. - A dedicated Crown attorney to be demonized. - And a mainstream media mob to be titillized by a juicy miscarriage of justice. Alleged. 'I wuz framed,' says new saint Frank Ostrowski, blaming veteran Crown attorney George Dangerfield for the 23 years he spent in prison. This week Ostrowski asked the Manitoba Court of Appeal to vacate his 1987 conviction for the murder of an acquaintance. He wants the court to issue a declaration of innocence, (so that he can sue the province for millions?).   The province wants a simple declaration of a stay of proceedings which would eradicate the conviction and leave Ostrowski free (he's been out of prison on bail since 2009), but otherwise end the proceedings. After all, 23 years in the slam is almost the 25-year minimum before parole that the worst murderer would have to serve. The local news media have become the Greek chorus to the 69-year-old Ostrowski&#