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New stats show the NDP's hard left-wing health decree increased suffering

New Premier Wab Kinew has condemned hundreds of Manitobans to months of agony by imposing his hard-left policy on hip and knee surgery patients, according to wait list data released last week. The explosive details have not been reported anywhere except for a single opinion piece in the Winnipeg Free Press, demonstrating how far the mainstream media will go to protect the premier from criticism. The data shows that in the first six months of the NDP in power, there were 263 fewer hip-and-knee surgeries in Manitoba compared to the last six months of the Conservative Party. And that's in addition to hundreds of hip-and-knee surgeries that could have been done if the NDP hadn't banned sending patients to private clinics in the U.S. or other provinces. To make matters worse, the median wait time for surgery in Manitoba jumped from six-and-a-half months to eight months.    The government explains that the median wait means that the half of patients on the wait list--those who have a