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Charge 'em: The Magnus Avenue Shooting by Cops

Regular readers of The Black Rod know that we've been staunch defenders of the police. When critics attacked the police for being too rough when making an arrest, when politicians and "activists" jumped on wholly invented allegations of police misconduct, when the anti-cop crowd lobbied to defund the police, we stood up for the  police . Not this time. On February 13 a mob of Winnipeg police shot and killed a scared, innocent man in his own home on Magnus Avenue. This wasn't a doped up criminal with a weapon charging police in a back alley in the dead of night, or a car thief trying to run down a policeman after a car chase. This was a man minding his own business, not a threat to anyone, in his own home, a place where everybody should feel safe and expect the police to protect, not kill, them. The next day the police issued a news release to say what happened, and held a news conference to not answer questions. That's right, they clammed up tight, refusin