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I Quit, said one of Mb's top doctors; A brutal assessment of the NDP's 6 months in office

Wab Kinew's NDP government received its first report card last week---and received a solid 'F'. This wasn't from the Opposition Tories or from one of the shill doctors associations that the NDP relied on to attack the Conservatives in power. This grading came right from the top echelon of the Manitoba health care system that's now under the control of the NDP. Dr. Eberhard Renner was head of the Department of Internal Medicine at the University of Manitoba and the provincial specialty lead for Shared Health. He recently resigned from both roles. Then he retired.   Last week the Winnipeg Free Press carried a opinion piece by him explaining why he's taken such a drastic move. The explanation was explosive! But the NDP cheerleaders in the mainstream media have done their best to bury it. We believe that his critique should be shouted from the rooftops. Dr. Renner started by stating his credentials. "I have been a physician for over 40 years. I started out as a


Only four days after our last post, in February, we were notified that somebody had complained, and as a result The Black Rod, all twenty years of posts, was being blocked permanently. No warning and no reason provided. You don't have to be Columbo to figure out who was behind the complaint. Any detective will tell you the first step to finding a suspect is to ask 'cui bono'---who benefits. Our last post was titled Charge 'Em - here's the link - and was a detailed examination of the killing by Winnipeg's  Police Tactical Support Team of an innocent man minding his own business in his own home. Draw your own conclusions. Our first appeal for reasons for the blocking went unacknowledged and unanswered for over a month.   Our second appeal was answered in five minutes: "not in violation of Community Guidelines".  Plans B and C to circumvent internet censorship are back in the drawer. And we're back and feistier than ever.