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"We Have Met The Enemy and He is Us. And You."

Now there's something you don't see every day---a major big-city newspaper committing hara-kiri. Buh-bye Winnipeg Free Press. We won't miss the 'new' you. A suicide note of sorts was penned by newspaper editor Paul Samyn and published in the Saturday, July 4, 2020 issue of the Free Press. "An apology for marginalizing people of colour, and a promise to atone for our past." cried the headline. Obviously inspired by the police-hating mobs that are terrorizing cities throughout Canada and the United States, Samyn went full grovel. He prostrated himself begging to kiss their rings, their feet, their behinds.  He begged foregiveness and mercy and offered to make amends. He did everything but offer his mother and wife to them as his personal reparations. Samyn wrote that the Winnipeg Free Press was always a racist newspaper. It was founded by racists, he said. Legendary Winnipeg Free Press reporters like John Dafoe were racists.  The newspaper was n