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Revealing the Heather Stefanson magic trick that has scared the NDP leading to the October election

  Uh oh. They say dogs can smell fear. Well, the hounds must have been howling this weekend after Winnipeg Free Press readers saw the latest opinion column from the city's King of Fake News, Dan Lett, who has suddenly realized his hopes and dreams may be swirling down the toilet. Just over a week ago U of M political scientist Paul Thomas wrote a column advising the NDP of the preparations needed to take power from the Conservatives who have been badly trailing the New Democrats in the polls for months. Keeping with the same theme, two days later, Lett wrote that all those polls, especially the one showing a "remarkable" 20-point lead in Winnipeg for the NDP, "suggest the coming election is his (NDP leader Wab Kinew's) to lose. " But by week's end, in a column dripping with flop sweat, Lett was putting distance between himself and his political hero. And it put a new light on his interview with Kinew. " Manitoba government bets big on nurses’ forgiv