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Blowhard Bombs Out Bigtime: Our 2022 Newsmaker of the Year

  With 2022 receding fast in the rear-view mirror there's just enough time to ordain the annual Newsmaker of the Year. He arrived with the biggest anticipation, the biggest name, the biggest voice, the biggest lead in the polls, and the biggest hype in the press. He ended the year as the biggest loser, and that's not a reference to having the biggest waistline in the race to be mayor. Ladies and gentlemen, say goodbye to Glen Murray. Goodbye because his crash-and-burn campaign was like watching the Hindenberg drop gently from the sky before erupting in uncontrollable fire, consumed in minutes. That sucker will never fly again. With an election set for October, the press treated Murray's anticipated candidacy like the Second Coming. Murray, who was mayor from 1998 to 2004, had come home to retake the reins at city hall. When would he announce? The official announcement came on June 22.  To the press, the election was over. Nobody could beat Glen Murray. His campaig