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MSM Ignores Historical Revisionism CMHR-style

Aided and abetted by the laziest and worst reporting in the mainstream media,  the long con known as the Canadian Museum for Human Rights made the news again this week. A "jovial" Gail Asper crowed that the fundraising arm of the museum, which she heads, had surpassed its goal of $150 million in private donations thanks to four million dollars pledged by two foundations and a labour union.  The total raised was $1.5 million over the goal, the news media gushed. The only problem with that announcement -- a problem which went unreported by a single news outlet --- is that it's a lie. The only way the 'Friends of the CMHR' could reach its fundraising goal was to ignore almost $80 million in advances, loans, and unpaid obligations that still have to be covered.  You read that right---Gail Asper's pet project, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights still owes almost $80 million! Asper, with the collusion of the MSM, has to rewrite history to, as they sa