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Why did Glen Murray leave his "dream job"? We'll tell you.

There's always been something fishy about Glen Murray's abrupt and unexplained departure from his "dream job" in Alberta. Murray left the prestige, salary, and power of a cabinet minister in the Ontario government to head a think tank in Calgary. He raved rhapsodic at the opportunity to lead the fight against climate change in his new post. From an interview with Steve Paikin of TVO, TVOntario, a publicly funded English-language educational television network, just after taking over as executive director of the Pembina Institute transcript/2463712 WHEN I TURN 60, WHICH WILL BE IN A COUPLE OF WEEKS, THAT WAS THE THIRD PHASE OF MY LIFE,  SORT OF THE ELDER PHASE. ... BY THAT POINT I WOULD KNOW MYSELF BETTER , I DON'T HAVE TO PROVE MYSELF ANYMORE , AND I WAS GOING TO DEDICATE ALL OF MY ENERGY TO  THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE IN THE WORLD, AND FOR ME, IT'S CLIMATE CHANGE. ... BUT I THINK IT TAKES AN ENORMOUS AMOUNT OF TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP A

A 2018 Globe and Mail story exposes Glen Murray's lies

  A months-long campaign of intimidation to get a small-town mayor in Ontario to approve a housing development ended in 2010 when a federal auditor in the tax department was arrested for framing the mayor on a bogus allegation of tax evasion. Three years later, that auditor was about to go to trial when the intimidation of Mayor Marolyn Morrison of Caledon, Ontario, revved up again from a most unlikely source.  At the heart of the new pressure campaign was an Ontario provincial cabinet minister---Glen Murray. Last week CBC News carried half of the sordid story . This is the full story as uncovered in a two-part investigative series by the Globe and Mail in 2018 (with background from other older news stories) - including an email from Murray's chief of staff warning him to stay out of the matter as any involvement by him in the contested land-for-housing  dispute could be construed as interference in a quasi-judicial process. To see for yourself, scroll to the part "Quee