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Thank the NDP for the gouging of Winnipeg football fans.

Did you read that? The revelations by Garth Buchko, CEO of the Winnipeg Blue Gougers, in Thursday's Winnipeg Free Press were stunning, even as they sailed over the heads of news reporters and sports pundits alike. Equally stunning was the extent to which the newspaper went to avoid naming the people responsible for the food-and-beverage fiasco that's come to define the predatory attitude of the Winnipeg football club towards its fans. But let's start with the bombs dropped by Buchko: * the team is crippled by debt, and a hairsbreadth from bankruptcy * the board of directors has executed a silent coup , seizing total control of the football club and turning it into a quasi-private operation  * the harsh no-food, no-drink policy that treats all fans like chiselers was forced on the club by the need to pay off the onerous debt imposed the team by the provincial government as its alleged share of the cost of the new stadium Whew.

Veteran police officer declares downtown Winnipeg is a virtual war zone

Even as month-old information is passed off as "news" by the Winnipeg Free Press, the biggest crime story in Winnipeg languishes untouched by the city's "professional" journalists. Crime reporters have been trying to put the latest outbreak of shootings and home invasions into context. CTV on Friday blamed it on a clash between two street gangs---MOB and Indian Posse. Trying to advance the story in Saturday's paper, FP reporter Mike McIntyre breathlessly wrote that "police and justice sources tell the Free Press the M.O.B. is no longer a united front and has broken into two factions..." Uh, yeah. That's what the Winnipeg Sun reported ONE MONTH AGO after the details were revealed in open court. "A mysterious rift among members of a notorious Winnipe

The Black Rod Online Inquiry into Murdered and Missing Aboriginal Women, Part 2

The news that Winnipeg police are planning to spend a million dollars on a search of the local garbage dump for the body of a missing part-time prostitute reminded us that we weren't finished with our first installment of our Online Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women. Two weeks ago, police announced an arrest in the stabbing death of our first subject, Cherie Lynn Richard, and the case dropped off the radar of the mainstream media in town. That's when we accidentally stumbled across the bombshell news that crystallized the lessons of her death. Deep, deep, deep within the story of the arrest carried in the July 27-29 issue of the free daily Winnipeg Metro was this stunning sentence: "Police allege Richard was stabbed after a verbal altercation took place over drugs." If true, it was a citywide scoop, something reporte