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The #FakeNews champion of Winnipeg mimics the Master

Sometimes stories for The Black Rod get loaded and ready to go, only to be sidetracked by server problems. Since timing is everything, unless the problem is solved quickly, the stories get dumped. But sometimes, we get lucky.  And we can salvage one of those stories. Like today.   Winnipeg columnist Dan Lett's latest screed against Donald Trump   ended with this snippet of Lett wisdom: "There is so much fake news floating around the interweb that it is becoming more and more difficult to discern real, professionally produced news from that which seeks to debase and derail democratic exercises and institutions." We can't resist.   Back in November we addressed another of Lett's hare-brained columns but he's now made what we wrote more relevant than ever: ----------------------- (originally written Nov. 20, 2016) Amazing. Simply amazing. With me