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A Winnipeg scientist's belligerent attempt to defend mandatory masking backfires badly

  Oops. While trying to slap down a group of clergymen challenging in court the province's shutdown of church services, a Winnipeg sciiiiientist has inadvertently proven that the science behind the mandatory mask order is bogus.  The Science Emperor has no clothes. In a letter to the editor of the Winnipeg Free Press, Dr. Peter Zahradka wrote : A significant part of their argument is that the science is not being referenced as part of the action taken by the province on the advice of the chief public-health officer. It seems like the main objection is contained within these few statements: “Show us the science. And if the science is there, maybe there will be fewer conflicts.” Challenging science? What odious effrontery. Zahradka concluded his letter with this sneering comment: "There is no reason not to produce the evidence for those who do not know how to search the medical literature to find it — which, surprisingly, seems to include the lawyers involved in this case."