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Bob Cox Made The Newspaper Safe for Fake New To Flourish

When selecting a Newsmaker of the Year for 2018, the Winnipeg Free Press delegated the job to their readers.  Apparently the newspaper has nobody on staff with enough news sense to be capable of sifting through the year's stories to determine who had the biggest influence on Manitobans. So the FP went with the readers' choice---Tina Fontaine, who was described as the "heartbreaking catalyst for change." The fact that she had been dead for four years was not a strike against her. It was the death of the fragile 15-year-old girl whose body was discarded in a blanket in the Red River that made her what she is today -- an icon of the missing and murdered aboriginal women movement. "... Tina's story was a primary driving force behind a public inquiry into murdered and missing Indigenous women and girls, which the federal government granted in 2016," wrote Niigaan Sinclair, the author of the Newsmaker 2018 story. Sinclair normally writes an opinion co

2018 Newsfaker, em, Newsmaker, of the Year

Okay, sabbatical's over. Time to get back to work. The first order of business is some overdue unfinished business, namely the annual recognition of the Black Rod Newsmaker of the Year for 2018. It was a bit of a headscratcher as the year's end approached closer and closer. No name jumped  out from the sad pack of also-rans--- Pallister, Bowman, some overpaid hockey player... Yikes, was there nobody? But then just before the stroke of midnight on the last day of the year (and too late to publish) it came.  Of course.  A dark horse. Someone everybody knows but nobody knows. The man who influenced more Manitobans, more Winnipegers, more Liberals than anyone else in the province... The Black Rod  Newsfaker   Newsmaker of the Year for 2018 -- Bob Cox, publisher of the Winnipeg Free Press. For years Box Cox (as he's affectionately known) has travelled the country far and wide preaching, threatening, lobbying, pleading for somebody to step up and save the new