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Trudeau to the country: 'I Give Up.'

Where ya bin? you ask. In the modern vernacuar, we reply:  Later, dude. The Black Rod was jolted back into action by the televised news conference last week with the Prime Minister of Canada,  Justin  "Buckwheat" Trudeau. Trudeau had been jaunting around the world, basking in accolades, while mobs barricaded railroads across Canada, slowly strangling  the economy and forcing layoffs and shortgages of essential goods. Finally, shamed by the Opposition Conservatives in Parliament for ignoring the crisis, he reluctantly cancelled the next destination of his winter world tour---sunny Barbados---and returned to Ottawa. Less than a week of non-action later, he stood in front of television cameras to make an announcement:  he had no idea what to do. Yep, that was it. The leader of a country of 35 million people formally announced to the world that the protestors had won. He had nothing.  He had  tried his best, i.e. begging the "hereditary chiefs" of na