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Obby vs Wabby: The real story of Handshake-gate

The Black Rod has seen exclusive video of Turban Day at the Manitoba Legislature including the tense handshake confrontation between NDP leader Wab Kinew and Government Culture and Heritage Minister Obby Khan. Supplemented by unbroadcast video of media scrums with the two men it’s not hard to determine who is telling the truth and who is lying about the incident. You won't get this information anywhere else because the local news has been running interference for Kinew from the day he announced he was running for leader of the Manitoba NDP. Khan was among a number of people called up to address the crowd in the rotunda of the Manitoba Legislature regarding the province's first-ever Turban Day event. His entire comments were caught on videotape so there's no misundertanding of what he said and what Wab Kinew says he said.  Khan stood at the podium, which was 6 feet in front of an NDP banner set