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A - lynching we will go...

The lynching parties were out in full force this past week. You almost needed a traffic cop to separate the mobs and keep them from stepping on each others' toes, which is ironic since one of the lynch mobs was determined to string up two police officers who had seen serious charges against them tossed out of court. The rush for the pitchforks and nooses started Tuesday afternoon when a judge dismissed perjury charges against the two Winnipeg city policemen. Police officers, you have to understand, have become the new criminal class in the eyes of the NDP government. They have devoted a decade's worth of resources to demonize the police through a series of show trials disguised as public inquiries (Sophonow, Driskell, Unger) while rewarding men convicted of murder, by juries, with millions of dollars. The only thing missing in the government's scheme of things is the successful prosecution of a police officer for ... well, anything. They need at least

The Asper curse begins eating away at the CMHR

The Asper anti-Midas touch of death has begun to claim another victim. Gail Asper has single-handedly managed to unite Canada's ethnic groups against the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. In the past week, the anti-Asper snowball has gathered more mass than ever as it rolled through Ottawa and the disputed centre of the universe, Toronto. The Canadian Polish Congress has joined the Ukrainian Canadian Congress in opposing the museum's plan to give the Holocaust a permanent display while the rest of the world's ethnic groups get to see the stories of the injustices against their peoples rotated through a "mass atrocity" gallery. The Central and European Council of Canada, which, according to the Globe and Mail, "represents 3 million Canadians of Latvian, Estonian, Lituananian, Hungarian and Slovak descent", has added its voice against seeing their suffering under the Nazi's and the Communists "callously ignored." The Globe&#

The Wuskwatim White Elephant, Ed Schreyer's electric car and more

Dig deep, because very soon you'll be paying for Gary Doer's legacy. By the end of the year the $1.6 billion Wuskwatim generating station will be sending its first power to the U.S.---with every kilowatt subsidized by you. You read that right. It will cost more to produce the power than we'll get from selling it. The Manitoba Public Utilities Board has been told that we'll be subsidizing all the Wuskwatim electricity (200 megawatts) we sell to American customers for the next 9 years---at least. Wuskwatim is the first of three Hydro mega-projects that Doer was banking on to become sweet money machines for our poor have-not province. His vision was to turn Manitoba into an energy high-roller, using our hydro electricity the way Alberta uses its oil to bankroll government services and spending. When it was first pitched to the Clean Environment Commission in 2004, Manitoba Hydro said Wuskwatim was being built for export. The power wasn't ne