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TV NewsDiva in a Storm

Oh to be a young up and coming newscaster on the scene of a natural disaster. Reporting live from the chaos, the mayhem, the humanity .. and that is just covering what happened at the hotel.

What is this about, dear reader? Well the CBC, always eager to reach out for feedback, has gotten an earful - mailbox full ? - of verbiage and are now in the midst of their own storm, Hurricane Krista.

CBC-TV's local diva of the airwaves, Krista Erickson, was on vacation in Playa del Carmen, Mexico when lo and behold, Hurricane Emily struck. Her journalist's instincts kicked in and, grabbing her cellphone and ably tossing aside her leather bikini in favor of more conventional duds, Krista leapt into the fray and filed a report for CBC, as seen on The National.

CBC reporter Krista Erickson, on holiday in Playa del Carmen, said few people slept in the packed emergency shelter. People woke up screaming around 4:30 a.m. local time as drywall from the building's roof started to collapse, she said.
"Everyone is absolutely exhausted" and want to get back to their rooms on the resort, which appears largely intact, said Erickson

But another story behind Krista's stay in Mexico has emerged on the internet and is making its way through the newsrooms of Wpg.

While sheltered from Emily, Krista rubbed a Texas couple the wrong way and they took their complaints to the web in search of their antagonists identity.

Posted by Mary and Steve on July 21, 2005 at 11:58:21:
In Reply to: pictures from Allegro <3379.html> posted by Chris R on July 20, 2005 at 20:15:09:

We were Allegro Guests as well and it was great that we were able to be in the Royal Hideaway Theater. It was so sound that you could hardly hear any wind blowning. The most annoying thing was listening to a CSC [sic]reporter from Canada complaining about Allegro guests being allowed to be in the Theater. She was an embarassment to any Canadian. She and her little group of friends were complaining to a Manager at one point that the Royal Guests should have had king beds put in for them. IT was unbelievable and the poor staff did not even know how to respond to such a ridiculous request. The staff were doing the best they could and were so organized and calm. My husband and I commend the staff of both hotels and are so mad at her behavior that we want to write a letter to CBC to complain about her representation of the station. Her name was Krista something. Does anyone know of her? What you do you guys think?

The Black Rod enjoys a good catfight as much as the next blogger, but we can report that even when it comes to CBC diva's, there are 2 sides to every story. A few days later a Californian who was there leapt to the other Krista's defense.

Posted by Crista on July 25, 2005 at 23:53:43:
In Reply to: We were there. Please read this. <3457.html> posted by Mary and Steve on July 21, 2005 at 11:58:21:

Mary and Steve,I was also there in the Theater with 60 guests from the RH and approx 350 from the 2 surrounding resorts. How can you say that the RH guests demanded king size beds brought into the shelter? That is so amazing. I guess you could call me one of her little friends, but I find your lies very offensive. If you paid attention you might have known that Krista and her husband were asleep on the stage for most of the storm. I was awake and walking around because the area by the stage was all flooded and that happened to be where most of the RH guests were. BTW the drywall did NOT fall on the stage, it fell below the stage and injured a friend of mine!


While there may have been a clash of personalities, there was also some class warfare.

I must admit that the people on the stage playing UNO and screaming all night from your resort were VERY annoying and had to be told to shut up by the staff that was working several times. Also another woman from your resort told the man playing the awesome guitar music to shut up. Talk about nice behavior. Then the next day the people saying they wanted tio stay for the free lunch irritated me because I paid $550.00 US to stay in the shelter and what did you pay????

[Our research: Royal Hideaway Playacar by Occidental
All Inclusive Adults-only resort designed for romance, relaxing
4.5 star hotel Average price*: $538
Allegro is a 3.5 star hotel Average price*: $242]

You should really think twice before you slander people!!!!! Shame on you Mary and Steve!! My husband and I are writing a letter to the CBC telling them what REALLY happened that night. The most contact Krista had with anyone was a cell phone call to her news station. That is the real story isn't it?? Also, Krista showed me that picture of her and she looks nothing like that now!! How can you say you recognized her?? Once again shame on you both!!!!
The other Crista (from California)

It appears that the Texas couple were too quick to attack Krista's story because we have found another message board poster who verifies her report.

urbangal 07-19-2005, 11:04 PM
I was sheltered with about 200 people inside the theatre at this hotel. we had the doors boarded shut from the inside and the doors were creaking and nails backing out during the hurricane.. so much so that they had to keep renailing. the electricity went out about 9 pm and we were on a generator just for some lights. We were stuck in there without AC from about 5 pm until 7:30 am. The ceiling was leaking throughout the night and at 4:30 a huge piece of sheetrock fell down onto the stage/first row. Made a horrible sound and caused screams and panic. The water had collected and saturated the sheetrock causing it to collapse. After that they asked us to move up towards the top of the theatre. People were shining flashlights at the ceiling in panic thinking other parts were about to fall on us.


So newsrooms are abuzz about the gossip regarding Krista. They're laughing at the hiss-up. But it looks like someone took a joke (about the beds) the wrong way. Krista has her defenders but we also obtained pictures of the damaged theatre which support her.

The only thing we couldn't explain was Crista with a C, saying that Krista with a K doesn't look like her CBC headshot. We're wondering what she looks like now. Maybe she had a makeover. Not that Krista would be alone in THAT department among Winnipeg newsrooms.

Because hot on her heels, only 700 viewers behind in the Spring book and gaining fast, was fourth ranked A-Channel which has rebranded, and is set to make a serious run at the fall ratings book and is aiming to drop leather girl to the cellar in the local standings.

This week CITY-TV debuted on Channel 8 and the improvement was immediate and obvious to any viewer, starting with - that's right - the makeover. New set, new website, new host for the flagship morning show... oh right no one knows who is joining the freshly-shaven Jon Ljungberg. "She" is debuting on Thursday morning.
Did we say no one knows? Of course we meant WE do.

A cursory review of their website on Tuesday morning revealed the secret, although by Wednesday night the profile of the new hire had been removed.

Not to give anything away, but suffice to say, on Tuesday, Erin Selby was simultaeneously on both the Channel 8 and CKY-TV websites, and the next day she was on neither. For the time being.

The hiring of former Consumer Watch reporter Selby has tongues wagging. The former model and weathergirl is a favorite with the soccer-mom set because she combines her TV career with raising 5 year old triplets. (And now she gets to babysit Jimmy Mac every morning as well). Trivia note: Selby made her TV debut on CKY's venerated noonhour kiddie cluster, Archie and His Friends.

Some viewers are upset that morning anchor Bridget Brown did not survive the cut after her new coiffe and name change. Former CBC reporter Brian Yasui has presented the news in a straighforward manner this week and the tone of the show is, well, more polished.

And that new approach was especially evident in the new 6 PM newcast. Maybe she switched water brands but without Andy Wilson to share duties, Lisa Saunders has blossomed. She was confident and smooth, and the script and story selection was aimed about 50 IQ points higher than the former version.

And to prove how serious they are about this fall campaign, CITY brass have even added a real, honest to gosh TV weathergirl, as opposed to the real (as in a meteorologist) weather reporter of the past. Now the lovely and talented Adrienne Silver is poised to be the Sylvia of the new generation.
Our spies in Hollyweird have confirmed that hunky Brad Pitt will be lensing his new flick in Winnipeg, and sooner than we had predicted. Keep an eye out for the A- Lister in the second week of September. We have learned that after a week in Calgary starting August 29th, he will be headed here before going off to Edmonton to continue his horse opera.

Maybe Krista can get an exclusive, if Lisa doesn't have one lined up already.

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